The Perfect Quality Dls Series Gearmotor

The Perfect Quality Dls Series Gearmotor

S sequence Helical Worm Reducer 

1. Fundamental Information:

Gear Material  Low carbon higher alloy metal
Heat treatment Carburising, Quenching, Gear Grinding
Ambient Temperature -10ºC~40ºC

two. Package deal and Shipping: 

All Varieties: CZPT Package
Shipping: About two weeks following acquiring the sophisticated payment. 

three. Characteristics and Positive aspects

one) Adopt “module combination” style.It can be changed out of tens of thousands and thousands of types of “module” assembled by the reducer, any user of any demand, can be a brief time to get the highest gratification.
two) Two helical gearboxes mixed with a motor (a multistage reducer) can attain really lower output pace
three)  High transmission precision, especially ideal for regular starting up instances, can be connected to all types of reducer and configuration of various varieties of motor push
four) Much more ratios satisfy the need of exact output pace.
5) Gearmotor can be provided for either horizontal or vertical set up in 6 angle.
6) Undertake two or a few equipment reduction, by the motor drive higher – velocity degree transmission power.The input middle line is parallel to the output middle line
7) This collection of reducer can be geared up with different kinds of motors, forming the electromechanical integration, completely guarantee the high quality traits of the merchandise
8) Elevated power ability,reduced sound and increased efficiency by grinding and modifying gears.

four. Product Sort

5. Torque arm and position 

DLSAT, DLSHT equipment models and gearmotors can be set up with torque arm. The positions designation as subsequent:


6. Situation of Output shaft and output flange

7. Mounting Position 

DONLY differentiates between six mounting positions M1…M6 for equipment models and gearmotors. The subsequent figure exhibits the situation of the gear device in mounting positions M1-M6.

eight. Position of terminal box and cable entry 

The placement of the motor terminal box has so far been specified indicated with L(left),  R(proper), T(top) or B(base) as seen on to the output shaft. 

The situation of the cable entry can be selected as nicely. The positions are equivalent to CZPT position, “one”, “2”or “three”.

          nine. Motor Adaptor Selection 

          ten. Bundle Images

          eleven. FAQ

          one) What kinds of gearbox can you produce for us.

          A: Main goods of our firm: Modular Gearmotor R,F,K,S. High CZPT Modular Gearbox H,B,P,HK. A few-Section Asynronous Motor. Customerized Gearbox. 

          two) Can you make as for every custom made drawing?

          A: Indeed, we provide CZPT service for customers. 

          3) What is your phrases of payment? 

          A: thirty% superior payment by T/T soon after signing the contract. 70% ahead of supply. 

          The Perfect Quality Dls Series Gearmotor