China Zlyj315 Gearbox for Extruder Machines with ce certificate top quality Good price

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ZLYJ series Reduction Gearbox (speed reducer) is a transmission part for most one screw extrusion line, wihch also possesses higher precision difficult gear surface area and thrust block developed. Designed with common ZBJ19009-88, it combines well with most of equipment from distinct suppliers. Also the gear and axis areas are produced of large power alloy metal with area hardness HRC54~62. In the CZPT conclude of hollow input axis there is massive specification thrust bearing that will bear axial thrust drive while the screw is functioning

>Applied Circumstance
one. All kind of extrusion & blowing equipment
2. CZPT velocity shaft rotation CZPT <1500RPM
three. Operating CZPT Temp. -40~45°C, with temperature underneath 0°C, ought to pre-heat lubrication oil to above 0°C

>Major CZPT nical Index
one. Output CZPT : sixteen-one hundred RPM
two. Output Torque: CZPT .4300 Nm
three. CZPT CZPT : 5.5-200 Kw

>Selection of Gearbox
one. Pick pace ratio
e.g. enter speed n1=1000rpm, output velocity n2=70rpm, ratio i=n1/n2=fourteen.28, ought to select ratio fourteen
2. Choose product variety according to enter CZPT
e.g. input CZPT P=26kw, following examining sort, 29kw>26kw, most ecomonic need to be ZLYJ200
3. Select assemble variety
as for every real use, choose horizontal or vertical type
4. Compute axial thrust Fa=π*Ds²*Ps/(4*one thousand)
e.g. CZPT diameter Ds=75mm, CZPT pressure Ps=26MPa
Fa=π*Ds²*Ps/(4*a thousand)=114.8kN
187kN>114.8kN, ZLYJ200 can bear the axial thrust and financial to select
five. Affirm connection dimension
six. Confirm cooling kind

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Gearboxes can be employed in different fields of extensive processing, agriculture, chemical processing, oil and gasoline, power transmission and distribution systems, logistics, warehousing and other industries. Gear reducers are normally used the place increased torque and/or lower rotational speeds are essential, or if energy needs to be transmitted at alternating angles, this kind of as in correct-angle motors. It can also alter the direction of rotation, as nicely as clockwise and counterclockwise. EP gives a complete selection of gear reducers with right angle worms and substantial effectiveness options. Electric powered Gear Aluminum goods are a light-weight and sturdy different to present-day solid iron and metal versions and can be stocked or custom produced to your actual specifications. EP gearboxes are light-weight and tough, aluminum worm gearboxes are developed for limited areas, like tough-to-put in OEM patterns as well as cell tools. Eccentric reducers are available as compact aluminum or solid iron inline reducers with seal existence rankings from 15HP (aluminum) to 40HP (cast iron). In addition to our standard and modified normal items, our engineers will function with you to design and style and build personalized answers for several push systems to fit your application needs.
China Zlyj315 Gearbox for Extruder Machines with ce certificate top quality Good price