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Design CZPT ry CZPT Parts ZF PLM-9 Reducer PLM-7 Reducer For Concrete Mixer CZPT
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ZF mixer reducer PLM7, PLM9, P3301, P4300, P5300, P7300, P7500 large-energy mixer reducer to fulfill the various demands of CZPT ers to supply a lot more selectivity, RTR designed and introduced P sequence substantial-electrical power mixer reducer, To meet the concrete mixer highest drum mixing capacity of 12m3 functionality specifications. The P-sequence mixer reducer consists of a simple two-stage planetary gearbox and is driven by a standard SAE flanged hydraulic motor. The P-Sequence also provides CZPT d technology and economic climate, dependable procedure, low routine maintenance and use Even running under intense conditions is similarly very good.
Product: PLM-7 Drum Quantity: CZPT Roller Mounting CZPT le: fifteen-twelve Horse Displacement: 1,080cm3 1,450cm3 Total Reduction Ratio: i = 7.20 Output Torque: 4,000Nm 48,000Nm Reducer CZPT ght (with out oil): 295kg Refueling capacity: 17dm3
Model: PLM-9 Roller Capability: Roller CZPT imum Mounting CZPT le: twelve-eleven Ma Big Displacement: 1,450cm3 1,450cm3 Complete Reduction Ratio: i = 6.94 Output Torque: fifty four,000Nm 60,000Nm Reducer CZPT ght (with out oil): 375kg Refueling ability: 21.5dm3
1. Pump truck rotary reducers are all upright on the decrease rotary desk.
two. The rotary reducer is equipped with dustproof enclosure.
3. From the structure of the reducer, only a skeleton oil seal is set up on the output shaft on the vertical area of the rotary reducer.
4. There need to be a hole thanks to relative motion when turning up and down.
5. The development setting of the pump truck is very poor, and occasionally the concrete pipe will be exploded during operate, which will simply lead to the mortar to tumble into the rotating enclosure.
six. It is inconvenient for customers to learn the condition of the reducer concealed in the enclosure.
As CZPT as the skeleton oil seal is protected from injury, the reducer will not be damaged. If you want to prevent mortar from getting into the reducer, this sort of as changing the materials of the dust-proof enclosure, employing hard plastic or comfortable rubber to make specialist matching protective abrasives, the sealing and dust-proofing is naturally unrealistic.
Use butter or base grease to smear a thick layer on the circumference of the rotating pinion. If it is handy to take away the rotating pinion later, you can also set a layer on the higher conclude of the rotating pinion, or fill the pinion (with back The encoder can be wiped much less).
one. Alter the butter after each six months.
2. It is advisable to grease the rotary reducer of the new automobile in the debugging section before leaving the manufacturing facility.

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China Zf Concrete Pump Gearbox Plm-7 Concrete Pump Truck Mixer Components with ce certificate best quality Good value