China Lambotec Best Seller 7t 9t 10t Gearbox for Brush Cutter with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

Brush Cutter Gear Circumstance


Materials Aluminum
Diameter 24mm/26mm/28mm
Within Equipment 4T/7T/9T/10T/11T/13T
Color gray, pink, CZPT , blue, and so forth.
Shipping and delivery time thirty times
Supply capability 280,000pcs/Carton
Place of origin ZHangZhoug, CZPT


Lambotec mainly generate the aftermarket components for  ST, HUSQ, HNDA, YMAHA, RBIN and ZNOAH BRAND devices.

We can provide the entire selection of components  for the subsequent types, if you are interested in any of them,please come to feel free of charge to get in touch with with us:


MS170 / 017    MS180 / 018     MS200T           MS230 / 571 


MS240 / 571    MS250 / 571     MS260 / 026    MS261 / 261c  


MS290 / 571    MS291 / 391     MS340 / 034    MS360 / 036


MS361             MS362              MS380 / 038     MS381                  


MS390 / 039   MS440 / 044     MS460 / 046     MS640 / 064  


MS660 / 066    070                  


FS120  FS160   FS200  FS220  FS250  FS280   FS450  

FS38    FS45     FS55    FS80    FS85    FS90     HS81  HS86

HUSQ Versions 137   142    55    61   268   272   288   345   350   359   365   395   372   575

HNDA Versions GX31   GX25   GX35   GX110   GX120   GX140   GX160   GX200   GX240   GX270    GX340     GX390

RBIN Designs EY15   EY20   EY28

YMAHA Designs ET650   ET950   MZ175   MZ300   MZ360


Gearboxes and reducers are enclosed mechanical reduction gadgets commonly utilised in modern automated management systems to command torque from your motors and complete other motion-connected tasks. A gearbox makes it possible for you to increase torque even though decreasing the pace of your primary mover output shaft. The output shaft of the gearbox rotates at a slower speed than the input shaft. This generates a mechanical benefit, growing torque. Conversely, your gearbox can be established in reverse, supplying improved shaft velocity and lowered torque. Two typical transmission configurations are straight and appropriate angle. On the internet designs normally consist of helical or spur gears, planetary gears, cycloidal mechanisms, or harmonic generators. Right-angle designs typically use worm or helical gear drives, nevertheless, hybrid drives are also offered. Gearmotors mix an enclosed equipment set with an electrical motor to improve torque and efficiency while decreasing pace. While additional friction, inertia, or sharp load modifications for limited-expression procedure of the actuator can lead to problems, they give a extended working life by preventing overloading. Various gear ratios, speeds and torques are accessible to help optimize functionality and decrease possible issues. Search to locate the correct gearbox and reducer for your automation task.
China Lambotec Best Seller 7t 9t 10t Gearbox for Brush Cutter with ce certificate top quality Good price